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Last updated: January 2nd, 2020

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MOMOweb is designed for active investors and traders seeking to look deep inside the markets to uncover the stocks breaking out of their daily trading range. MOMO works by examining the price action on over 8000 equities across Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX and streaming intraday highs and lows in real-time. Armed with this unique capability, you can quickly monitor and identify trading opportunities previously unaware to you.  

MOMO includes several complementary features to help track and quickly learn about stock movement; including alerts, messaging, news links, social trending, quotes and filters.  

MOMOweb is a browser-based extension of the MOMO functionality developed for iOS and Android mobile devices. HTML advancements have enabled us to duplicate many of the capabilities using the same technology as and others to allow users to use MOMO on their desktop as well as their mobile devices. Now MOMOweb is available as a subscription based service offered directly by Mometic.

MOMOweb brings the same realtime stock streaming functionality, but builds on it to provide additional functionality to improve your stock discovery efforts. We’ve worked hard to keep the same purpose-built appearance and optimized it to be fully re-sizable to support a wide range of resolutions and configurations.

How it Works

MOMO works by evaluating the entire US stock market in realtime to continually uncover the equities that are making new daily highs or lows. MOMOweb provides the ability to filter on desired price range and industry. MOMO is only active during market and extended hours. You may still use MOMOweb outside of the hours, but the functionality is designed for when the U.S. markets are open.

Useful Tip:

MOMO provides last trade data from the beginning of pre-market at 4:00am ET until end of after-hours close at 6:30pm ET


MOMO is divided into two columns. The red column on the left hand side shows new lows for the day while the right hand green column shows new daily highs. At the bottom of the page is the primary menu for accessing and configuring the MOMOweb's supporting functionality.

Both the left and right columns in the data stream display the following data:

  • Symbol – Abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded equity.
  • Count - The number of times the particular symbol has reached a new intraday high or low.
  • Alert Indicator - Signifies whether an alert is set for the particular stock. 
  • Socially Trending - Represents that the particular symbol has been recently trending on the social stock
  • Price – Real-time last traded value in USD.


MOMO includes several features to help uncover and track stock discoveries. The following descriptions describe their functionality and how to use them.

MOMO Meters

The MOMO Meters represent a rolling market breadth over a 2.5 min period. Each row represents the current number of winners to losers for the Dow, Nasdaq, and SPY. This is valuable to see swings in market sentiment and is more responsive than watching index values or percentages.

MOMO Meter Stock Image

Located on the top of the MOMO screen, the MOMO Meters lets you quickly identify market activity and flows.  On either side of the MOMO logo are three sets of gauges.  These gauges are represent activity from top to bottom for the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500.  Specifically, the MOMO Meters are a visualization of those making new intraday highs vs. lows. For example, if the S&P 500 had a combined ten stocks making either a new high or low and 8 of them during the period were highs, the bottom MOMO Meter would be 80% green and 20% red.

52 Week High and Low

52 week events provides a good benchmark for breakout strength and MOMO visually highlights when a new 52 week high or low has been reached with solid green or red cells. As a symbol continues to breach the 52wk threshold, the symbol will continue to be highlighted.

MOMO Data View Screenshot

Useful Tip:

MOMO doesn’t differentiate whether the 52wk high/low is reached in normal trading hours or in extended hours, but will reset the 52 week value nightly based on what Nasdaq recognizes as the 52 week high or low. For example, if AAPL has a prior 52 week high of $178 and reaches $180.00 during premarket, MOMO will highlight that as a new 52 week high in the MOMO stream. But if during normal market hours AAPL only reaches $175 and not a new 52week high, $178 will maintain the be the 52 week high on record.

Social Trends

StockTwits is a social stock network which provides an API for MOMO to display stocks which are most active on the StockTwits platform. When a symbol has a (ST) icon, that symbol has been trending StockTwits within the past 3 hours.  (Refer to image above)

Price Filtering

If there is a particular price range you wish to display, the price filter slider that can be set to accordingly. Keeping the slider set on the MIN and MAX will ensure you are receiving all available stocks and equities.

Price Filtering
Volume Filtering

Some traders want to trade stocks with higher average volume and prefer to filter illiquid symbols. Likewise, users can focus on under-traded stocks by adjusting the slider to the lower range. When the slider is kept on the MIN and MAX values, no volume filtering is being applied. The MOMO average volume filter is based on 10-day moving average.

Price Filtering
Industry Filtering

You may selectively remove particular stocks from the available industries to narrow your focus. The industry filters and the price filters may be simultaneously active to where you may set to only see symbols in the “Technology” industry with a price range $5 to $20.

Industry Filtering Menu
Sticky Quotes

The Quote menu option is intended to provide a quote "scratchpad" for stocks you are actively tracking. Having an ongoing view of quotes gives you flexibility to add or remove easily as desired without having to configure a watchlist. The quotes provide real-time last trade data and are updated every 30 seconds. Quotes are easily added and removed. The Quote items are also scrollable for handling multiple quotes.

Stock Quote Image

*Volume is not displayed in screenshot above as it was taken when market was closed.

The popular menu is designed to help provide trade ideas by displaying symbols which are most actively engaged by MOMOweb users. As with any symbol on MOMO, users may click a symbol to launch the news quick links. The list is ordered with top left symbols being most popular to the bottom right symbols being the less popular.

MOMO Popular Stocks
Stock Alerts

You may set browser based desktop alerts to stay notified of specific breakouts with the Alert menu settings option. This is useful to help ensure you get instant notification of a stock’s movement. You may adjust the frequency of the the alerts, but adjusting the alert sensitivity such that it only notifies you of larger movements. Setting alert sensitivity to .10 vs. 2.00 will result in receiving desktop alerts for every $2.00 movement or more verses every $.10.

MOMO Alert Settings

To review alert history, select the history link in top left of menu to display the most recent alerts which were issued.

Within MOMO you may launch popular media sources to help find news and data supporting the price movement. Once selected, MOMO will launch a new browser tab for the desired news and stock symbol.

MOMO News Quick Links

Account Management

MOMOweb provides a simple account management and registration function to review your subscription, cancel or update your password. The account management functions are accessed via the top left “hamburger” menu. You may also access these options directly by visiting

App Linking

In the near future we plan on offering MOMOweb subscribers the ability to link their active subscriptions to the MOMO apps in Google Play and Apple App Store. In order to do this will need a MOMOweb subscription. An active app subscription will not grant access to MOMOweb.

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